How to make 1xbet registration and start playing

To enter the resource and make a bet, the new player must create an account. On 1xbet registration is available to citizens of all countries. It is necessary to indicate real data in the questionnaire, since the 1xbet bookmaker performs its own verification. On the BC 1xbet registration at the first stage takes place in 1 of 4 elementary ways. See more details on site.

Step-by-step info of live bet

Creating an account takes place in 2 steps of live bet on

  • Quick registration at 1xbet;
  • Entering personal data in your account.

In 1 click:

The easiest way is to choose from the drop down list:

  • your country of residence;
  • game currency (change it will not succeed).

By phone number.

You can register a game account by phone number, you need to enter:

  • current mobile number;
  • choose the currency in which all calculations will be made.

Via email:

To register using email, enter the data in the fields on the left:

  • country and city of residence;
  • name and surname;
  • email address;
  • password;
  • mobile number;
  • game currency.

To complete registration, go to the link in the email and click “Complete Registration”. After that, the account will be activated and you will receive the number of your game account to enter the account. 

Through social networks:

The choice of a favorite messenger or network will link the account in it with the account in the BC live bet on You need only:

  • choose game currency;
  • select social. network in which you are authorized;
  • in the profile, select “Allow”;
  • Copy account number and password.

1xbet football betting: stream live football link

The most popular sports for betting in the 1xbet bookmaker have long been football. It is interesting to follow football by staking, information about it is the most accessible, and even minimal knowledge about the world of football can help to make the right choice. The football line is the richest with the bookmaker 1xbet stream live football link: Here you can bet on both the top games of the Champions League and the matches of the little-known teams from the lower leagues of Thailand. The choice of an event depends on you: when choosing an event and an outcome for betting in a line, you start from your own knowledge, rely on statistics, the current form of teams, bookmaker quotes and movement of odds. In contrast to the line, in live mode you need to consider how a sporting event goes, because you place bets on it online. 

Many beginners ignore the rules of the bookmakers, while most of the questions about betting, working with the account, restrictions and exceptions, can be found there. Therefore, before starting to work with the BC site (preferably before registering), read the sections of the rules that are necessary to start the game.

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