Premier league standings at the end of the season


The season 2018/19 will go down in history of the English Premier League as one of the most intense in terms of the fight for the title. Until the final round, it was unclear who would be on top: Liverpool or Manchester City. You can always find the Premier league standings on the site of sports statistics.

Only in the final round, Manchester City managed to finalize the conquest of gold medals. There was no such competition for a long time. And both opponents gave the perfect finish and won all their fights confidently. Sometimes it happened already in the last minutes in the decisive rounds of the season.

Such density in the standings of Premier league has not been seen for a long time. And it was especially clear during the fight for the top-4, the places which give the right to play in the Champions League. In the final rounds, all the main contenders for the cherished tickets to the main club tournament of the Old Continent began to lose points simultaneously. As a result, Chelsea and Tottenham showed themselves as the most agile teams and turned out to be higher in rankings than Arsenal and Manchester United.

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Since the fate of the champion title was decided in the last round, it was especially important to follow the development of events using the sports statistics website 777score. Here, the data is not just updated in real time. You can also monitor how the results on the field are reflected in the standings. This is very convenient, because tracking information is easy when working via both a computer and a mobile phone.

If we talk about the factors of winning the title by Manchester City, than we can single out the following:

  1. Great lineup. Pep Guardiola has a cool selection of performers in each of the lines. Due to this, even the prolonged injury of De Bruyne did not affect the results of the Citizens.
  2. Teamwork. For years, the teammates have been playing with each other, which only adds to their confidence.
  3. Personal skills of players.
  4. Ability to use any misfire of an opponent.

This distinguishes the cool team from simply good one. On the website of sports statistics 777score, you can find a lot of interesting information, as well as get acquainted with the schedule of upcoming matches.

The next season promises to be even more intense in terms of the fight for the title, because other grandees are gradually joining the City and Liverpool. This makes the English Premier League even more interesting for fans from all over the world.

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