Black Coffee Is Now A Healer


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Black Coffee revealed some of his names we might not know of and while sharing the significance of one of the names, Coffee realized he is a healer.

Black Coffee the Healer! No wonder he’s healed souls throughout the world with his music.

The DJ made it known that his name is Nkosinathi meaning “God is with us” and he also shared that his name is Innocent, though, he disliked the name, but after reading a book given to him by a friend, Coffee turned out to like the name as it means “Healer”.

“My name is “Nkosinathi” which simply translates to “GOD is with Us”. And my other name is “Innocent”
A name I was never proud of,it didn’t make sense to me why my parents gave me such a name,especially because I’m far from it.
As a person I love searching for answers and better understanding of things and also the reason for my existence.
And this was recently sent to me by a friend who shares the same name.
Innocent is my name.” The DJ shared.


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