My father and I want Kairo be the next Serena Williams-AKA


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AKA revealed his intention towards his daughter, Kairo’s ambition which is also in line with his fathers’.

While Kairo was birthed into music, we probably might expect her to be the same as her father(Rapper AKA) and mother(DJ Zinhle) later in future. But it’s amazing that AKA wants her daughter be the next Serena Williams.

The rapper revealed in a tweet that he and his father wants Kairo to be a Tennis Player but it’s saddening for him, that, Zinhle plays much music into the earrings of the 4 year old girl, so, she might probably end up as a music artist or DJ.

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“Myself and my father both want Kairo to play tennis be the next Serena Williams or whatever … but unfortunately, her mom plays her too much house music … and her Dad is DI MOLTI TSALENTED… so you know where she’s gonna end up.’



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