Babes Wodumo and a white lady had an altercation at the airport [watch video]


Babes Wodumo and a white lady caught in a noisy argument and exchanging words in a video which went viral. According to the video. Babes and her team seem to be loud in the airport and it was disturbing the white lady. In other to caution Babes and her team, the white lady told them to “shoosh”.

The term “shoosh” triggered the singer’s anger and she told the white woman she ain’t a chicken, so, it’s insulting to her telling her “shoosh”.

The video of Babes and the white lady went viral and some scolded Babes for acting that way as she acted like a bully, while many supported the singer’s act and went on tagging the white lady a racist.

However, Babes got a message for everyone who lashed her. She said; “We are all humans…Being a celeb doesn’t mean I’m an animal I have feelings,emotions,a heart etc..Let me be!!!”


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