Kim Kardashian will go After Nicki Minaj If She wont stop Taunting Kylie & Travis


If Nicki Minaj wants to start something with Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian is ready to end it. We’ve EXCLUSIVELY heard that when it comes to protecting her family, Kim’s ‘not afraid’ of a fight — just ask Taylor Swift!

It may come down to a battle between the “Queen” of the Barbz and the Empress of the Kardashian Empire. Nicki Minaj, 35, is still furious over being denied the No. 1 album spot in America, attacking Travis Scott, 26, and Kylie Jenner, 21, during her Aug. 21 episode of Queen Radio. While Nicki’s professional frustrations are reasonable, Kim Kardashian, 37, thinks Nicki’s personal attacks are going too far. “Kim feels like Nicki is being a bit of a bully towards her little sister Kylie,” a source close to the Kardashians EXCLUSIVELY tells “Kim is preparing for war with Nicki Minaj if she does not back off Travis and her little sister.”

“She does not like it when people come after her sisters and nothing brings the Kardashians together like when they feel they are being attacked,” the insider tells If anyone needs any proof for how serious Kim can be when someone she loves is suffering the slings and arrows (or in this case, “barbz”) then look no further than Taylor Swift (and that infamous recording about that “Famous” phone call, the one that ultimately killed the “Old Taylor.”) “Kim was not afraid of going after Taylor Swift when Kim felt Taylor was coming for Kanye,” the insider added, “and now Kim is ready to battle Nicki if she doesn’t leave Kylie and Travis alone too.”

“Kim feels like ever since it was announced that Kylie was about to become a billionaire,” the insider adds, “Kylie has a target on her back. So Kim is not going to let any envious haters hurt her little sister or ruin her shine.” Well, in this case, it’s not just because Kylie’s got some serious bank. Nicki’s main issue is that she thinks Travis did some sneaky stuff to keep her Queen out of the top chart spot, and that Kylie helped.

Travis, according to GQ, spend nine days straight unveiling new merch on his website, from hoodies to action figures to pool slides. Each new piece of memorabilia came with a digital copy of his album, Astroworld. He also included a VIP pass for his tour (which, at the time, he hadn’t released any dates yet.) Kylie posted on IG that “me and [Stormi] ready for tour,” leading Nicki to think Kylie was using her fans and their desire to see her daughter as a way to boost Travis’s sales.

“You’re a f*cking man, and you got your girlfriend posting f*cking tour passes saying you sold albums,” she said during Queen Radio. Wow. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail here. Though, after seeing Nicki sic her fans on Billboard for saying she “cancelled” her tour when she just “rescheduled” the dates…probably not.


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