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DNCE People To People EP zip MP3 Download

DNCE – People To People EP Download

Despite the discharge of dancefloor-ready track, “Hands Up,” back in April and their own “DANCE,” before that, things are pretty quiet on the DNCE front… That was till nowadays, once the funky foursome shocked their fans with the news that they’ll be cathartic their new EP titled, “People To folks,”.

The group, created by Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, JinJoo Lee and Cole pare, are teasing a lot of random photos on their social media accounts recently. From snaps of the band themselves to ones taken within a studio, DNCE has definitely been keeping their fans estimation. People To People EP by DNCE

But it wasn’t till a handful of hours ago once all of the cryptic posts finally became clear.

The coming EP, “People To folks,” are going to be DNCE’s third huge unleash, following their debut, “SWAAY,” that born once the band fashioned back in 2015, and their initial full-length self-titled album that was released in 2016.

Since the EP came as a complete surprise to the group’s loyal fans we tend to don’t apprehend an excessive amount of concerning it without delay.

Tracklist Of People To People EP by DNCE
1. TV in the Morning
2. Still Good
3. Lose My Cool
4. Man on Fire

DOWNLOAD People To People EP (ZIP)


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