SPONSORED: 7 hidden apartment flaws the owners wouldn’t tell you about!


In the real estate market, there is an unspoken rule: the agents are often unwilling to talk about the shortcomings of the housing being sold, because the defect found may become the reason for refusing to purchase it or for reducing the price.

We will tell you what hidden problems the apartments could have and how to identify them!

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1. Non-hermetic inter-panel seams

The problem: in winter, these seams will freeze, there will be moisture and mold, and it will become much colder. Dampness and cold will remain until the seams are sealed from outside!

How to find out:

  • Usually burst seams are visible from outside. In winter you will notice the cold coming from the problem zones;
  • The reason to be alarmed is fresh wallpaper on a separate section of the wall.

2. Faulty plumbing

The problem: repairs of plumbing communications can significantly increase the final cost of the apartment for the buyer.

How to find out:

  • Assess the condition of the pipes: check for leaks and rust in the joints;
  • direct the water into the sink or bathtub to check if the the water from the siphon runs out;
  • check how well the taps open and close;
  • After closing the taps, check if there’s a thin trickle from the tap;
  • Inspect the bathroom floor and the corners for dampness.

3. Poor heating

The problem: this is always a problem for owners, which is often almost impossible to solve.

How to find out: ask the neighbors if the whole house is badly heated, since the problems with heating in an apartment are revealed only in the heating season.

4. Leaking roof

The problem: this is the problem of the last and second-to-last floors. It is difficult and expensive to solve.

How to find out: check the roof during the season of melting snow or rain. Asking the neighbors will also help.

5. Illegal remodeling

The problem: when buying, you will have to bring the apartment in accordance with the technical passport yourself or legalize the remodeling, which is expensive or even impossible.

How to find out: look at the technical passport of the apartment.

6. Problematic neighbors

The problem: bad neighbors can spoil even living in a comfortable home.

How to find out:

  • ask several tenants of the house;
  • inspect the entrance and staircases for garbage, painted walls, traces of “toilet”, etc.

7. Wiring problems

The problem: the older the house, the higher the probability that you will have to change the wiring.

How to find out:

  • assess the condition of the insulation, whether there is some damage or melting;
  • scrutinize the outlets (whether or not they drop out or melted). Plug in every appliance in the apartment to check for sparks.
  • ask the owners how often the black-out takes place.

It is solely your task to find out all the flaws in the apartment, both obvious and hidden. We sincerely hope that these practical tips will help you!


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