#EndSARS: Femi Falana Attacks SARS, Says it is a Partially Illegal Squad and a Legacy Of Military Dictatorship


Human Right Activist and Lagos based Lawyer, Femi Falana has assaulted the Special Anti-theft Squad (SARS), calling it an inheritance of the military government and an incompletely illicit squad which should be totally updated.

The attorney influenced the claim while talking on Channels Television To breakfast Program, Sunrise Daily, on Tuesday.

Falana said outfitted troops and officers among SARS administrators should be evacuated and the policemen among them require reorientation as they work like they are in a military government.

“You should evacuate the troopers in SARS and retrain the police among them. You re-orientate them since regardless they act as though they are under military fascism since SARS is a heritage of military autocracy. As it is constituted, it is incompletely unlawful under a non military personnel and equitable agreement. Under the constitution, the obligation of keeping up interior security, lawfulness in Nigeria is vested only in the police.

“SARS is constituted by equipped troops, officers and police work force everywhere throughout the nation. Each state government keeps up the SARS in the nation and these state governments have not tried to discover what is this body doing as far as law implementation, battling outfitted burglary and execution as far as regarding the privileges of the Nigerian individuals,” he said.

Talking on if the squad ought to be rejected or improved like some concerned subjects have required the finish of SARS while some have challenged that it ought not be rejected, the human rights dissident said Nigeria can’t bear to scrap SARS however it should be completely updated.

“The Nigerian new provincial state can’t bear to scrap SARS, it isn’t conceivable. We have an expanding wave of outfitted burglary, hijacking fear mongering and different genuine rough wrongdoings which the consistent police work force have not been prepared to control or battle, along these lines we will have SARS however it must be completely upgraded,” he said.

Falana praised the endeavors of Nigerians challenging SARS saying any exhibit by Nigerian against saw treachery ought to be energized yet the dissidents should likewise be made to value that the law has dealt with every one of their worries and fears.

“What we are along these lines required to do is to guarantee that the laws are implemented which has made it unlawful to confine a Nigerian without taking him to the court in a place like Lagos or in the provincial zones past 48hours,” he said.


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