LYRICS: YCee – I Wish


LYRICS: YCee – I Wish


Tinny Entertainment baby.
Don Know
Ain’t nobody badder than
Ain’t nobody badder than
Real quick
Like the joker going right off the bat
Wanna see me out ? There’s a rider for that
Me and you in a bout you couldn’t sign up for that
They gon need a scraper just to get your back off the mat
Cos you – get pummeled
I move full throttle – with trouble that’s coming for you
if you try to slow my hustle – down – brown paper bags
A flow like this I swear your fave never had
I know why they mad – chics digging me
They giving me – a big fat blunt like Santa stuck up in a
Bow legged rapper when I ball you see the skill in me
See mans not hot but you could tell there’s zero chill in
Want a crib that’ll look like a sorority
Cos I’d be getting women and I’d do it with authority
Shoutout to my women out in moremi – want more of me
– but honestly
Nowadays a lotta y’all be boring me
Right now the hip hop games been ignoring me
Act like they don’t see what the boy be doing globally
Things I’m doing on a large scale will leave you mad pale
I’m like a sound sultan my flows got a black belt
So what’s the plan my bro
Cos I’m here to give em really what they asking for
Anyone that’s got some issues that I should know


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